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The Power of Touch

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

From holding a Newborn baby and enjoying the new baby smell, holding a toddlers hand. Then there is the hug you get from someone you love. And finally, when you fall or bump into something hard. The first thing you do is to rub or hold the affected area.

So what does the touch do?

There are several definitions of the one in this discussion as follows.

To move to a sympathetic

To be in contact or to create a sensation.

In my occupation, when I lay hands to my client, it instantly calms the breath and therefore in turn the client then begins the state of relaxation. The release of stresses and tensions held within the body will soften the the posture and ease the mind.

There is many Therapy's to choose from. And each will enhance a sense of calm which will last much longer than the treatment.https://booking.setmore/schedule...

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