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Updated: Nov 8, 2022


The process of offsetting or concealing a physiological difficulty by developing in another direction.

Oxford Languages

The following is just a few thoughts and discoveries I see through doing my work. It is just the tip of the Iceberg. I could have suggested many more situations and occurrences

Compensation in the body can be caused due to several reasons and situations .The physical trauma of either structural or muscular can be immediate and have long lasting effects.


This is the result to sudden movement of the head and shoulder, either in a forward or sideways movement. Once we are able to recover and move freely we think all is well. But if not maintained into normal movement it will continue to cause issues much further on in life.

Bone break

Apart from the initial injury, trauma and recovery. There will be continued compensation of other muscle groups for many years to come. We have all heard of the saying, it's never been the same since.....


We all have a certain body position, or constantly holding or carrying an object. Or the actual physical action of either a walking, turning or in a seated job. We can go further and suggest hairdresser/barber or waitress where arms are always extended.

New Parents

We are all aware of childbirth and the amazing outcome of new life. The female body goes through an incredible force and it will take time to physically return to what it was before. But I would like to discuss baby and the position mums and dads use when feeding the cherubs. This can either be bottle or breast fed. The shoulder and arms are in an extended position which will aggravate the Rotator Cuff and the muscles to the rear of the shoulder. The arms are in an extended position for a good length of time. And we all know how long and often it takes for a baby to feed. We can then venture how we hold baby. Mostly in female cases, it's on the hip. Continually doing this will be pain developing in hip region ,as baby gets heavier and in some case misalign the spine.

Mobile phones and Computers

We all have this. Whether it's from your job, gaming or social media we all get the pain in the neck. The weight across neck and shoulders increases the lower the head is and that in turn is phenomenal. This tension can lead to head pain, sleep disturbance because you can't get comfortable at night.


All of the above examples of life and the things we ensure. I have not ventured into illness nor disease as that may be for another discussion. These are all observations I see when doing my work.

Massage should not be perceived as a treat. It's maintenance of the body. Regular massage has many benefits, including lowering blood pressure, lowering stress levels and improving muscle tone.This also prevents muscle pain becoming chronic. It also gives 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

Your body is amazing.

Don't wait until it's broken before you need it fixed.

It's your job to look after it.

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