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Home Based Working

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

So, its been some time since we got the ability to work from home. Which means, getting up at 7.55 am to switch on the computer to login for the day, get the coffee on and get comfortable on the sofa.

That may be the practise for those who can get away with it. But a big percentage have been at a laptop on a makeshift desk and the kitchen stool to sit at for hours at a time.

The results are not great by any means. The physical effects are quite noticeable. From pained wrists due to being at an abnormal position, discomfort in lower back due to poor seating position, which will develop throughout the shoulders and into the neck.

We can also mention the mental issues that grow through working in isolation. We don`t realise how sociable interaction is important to a persons well being. Even if its chatting in the lift or at the coffee station to catch up on the office gossip.

How can we improve the situation?

Plan your day. Have a start and finish time, plan your breaks and lunches. Step away from the work area, as you would do at work! Get out the house and walk a little.

To reduce the excess strains n the body aim for a better sitting position. Aim to sit with your knee lower than hip height. This place spine into a more neutral state.

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Stretching the wrists, rolling and shrugging the shoulders and not forgetting the neck muscles.

Closing down the computer at the normal finish time.

Who cares if emails come through after that. That`s work for the next day.

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